Easy Bourbon Ginger-Apple Cider

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Whoop whoop! Happy Friday, folks! I’m here to bring some cocktail inspiration to this virtual Happy Hour party 🙂 I feel like the holidays are in full-swing immediately following Halloween and carry straight over into the New Year! And what’s more festive than mulled cider? This cocktail tastes like autumn. As the cider heats up, the naturally sweet apple flavor concentrates deliciously. The ginger liqueur enhances the drink with an extra burst of flavor. Spiced and warming, this super easy recipe yields two cocktails and can be made in about 5 minutes. Double or triple the recipe and share with friends! Or just drink it all by yourself– I won’t judge.


Easy Bourbon Ginger-Apple Cider

–         2 oz. bourbon

–         1 oz. ginger liqueur (such as Domaine de Canton)

–         1 c. apple cider

–         1/4 c. mulling spice blend: dried orange rind, ginger, cloves, allspice berries

–         1 cinnamon stick

–         fresh juice of one orange

–         fresh grated nutmeg

1. Add all ingredients minus the booze to a pot on the stove top and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.

2. Remove cider mixture from stove and strain the spice blend out, retaining the concentrated liquid (unless you’d like to keep the spice blend in your cocktail. Hey, it’s Friday, Do what you want! You earned it.)

3. Add bourbon and ginger liqueur to cider mixture, and stir. Add a thin slice of orange and cinnamon stick to glass and enjoy autumn in a glass!

*** This cocktail can also be served over ice! Be sure to chill the cider mixture after removing from stove top, however, so the ice doesn’t water it down.


Mmm, this is the perfect chilly November afternoon cocktail… whether it’s Friday or not 🙂


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